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2010 - Русский феномен (США)

Посетив в 2010 в Лос-Анджелесе мои выступления, американские телевизионные продюсеры загорелись желанием создать посвящённые моей жизни и работе документальный и художественного фильмы, а также организовать передачи на одном из телеканалов США, аналогичные моим телепередачам-1989 в Советском Союзе.

С целью привлечения инвесторов был создан черновой вариант презентационного ролика, который выложен на YouTube и предлагается для просмотра посетителям сайта.


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Title: Anatoly: the Russian Phenomenon.
Genre: Reality, Self-help, Paranormal, Talk Show.
Market/Demographic: Cable/Network, mostly women.
Created by: Joseph Barmettler and Randi Besse.
Logline: Being of rock star status in his native Russia and other countries, the phenomenal Dr. Anatoly is now in America bringing his unexplainable and mind boggling talents of dropping people at will as he performs what many consider to be miracles before live audiences.
Format: Talk show set, live audience participation, field segments.

Anatoly: the Russian Phenomenon.Premise: Dr. Anatoly Kashpirovsky is no stranger to large audiences around the globe or being in front of a camera. Now bringing his special talents to America, whether through a live performance or watching him on television, Anatoly unexplainably drops his audiences to the floor. He also miraculously rids his audience of their ailments. That’s not to say everyone has an experience but an overwhelming amount of people will notice changes from watching him. Anatoly’s performances of manipulating the crowds by dropping them to the ground with no injuries cannot be copied or repeated. It’s a bizarre, unexplained phenomenon that takes place. His performances are not of any type of religious extravaganza. He simply stands in a league of his own. Americans now have the opportunity to experience the benefits of watching Anatoly: the Russian Phenomenon on his own television show, doing what he has done time and time again in Russia, Germany, Canada, Europe, Poland, and many countries around the globe.

The powerful and emotional stories from those he touches are the center points for each episode/special. He will be the most sought after, talked about, and controversial man of the century. He also challenges the American medical and scientific communities to clinically analyze, test and prove to America that his performances are in fact the real and not trickery or magic.

For more information contact:
Joseph Barmettler
[email protected]

copyright 2010 New Integrity Films